– Excerpts of his statement is given in the account on Twitter the PiS.

There also had to be persecuted. In March, the District Court in Hajnówka, as a court of first instance acquitted both accused; He appealed against this ruling Superintendence attorney who wants to repeal it and return the case for reconsideration in the first instance. On Thursday it ended before the Bialystok district court hearing the appeal. Judgment is to be announced next week. Forest fire blamed two environmental activists is that in May 2017 years knowingly violated the ban on access to parts of the Bialowieza Forest, forest district forester ordinance introduced Browsk and have not left the forest in spite of the guards call authorized; They put the allegations of violations of the Code.

The court in Hajnówka rating, however, that the decree was a mistake, as a result of which it was granted contrary to the rights, ie. Did not meet the so-called. competence standards under the Act on forests and on this basis acquitted activists. He took the view that it was not the date of the day, so it was not temporary and permanent (forester does not have the authority to issue such bans) .See also the Court acquitted the participants protest against the felling in the Bialowieza Forest “However, according to the proxy Browsk superintendence, management issued in the formula that applies to the cancellation it was temporary. Also he argued that it was justified, because the spruce bark beetle gradation part in economic Bialowieza Forest (relied on photos from drone) had such an Continue lendo “ – Excerpts of his statement is given in the account on Twitter the PiS.”