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Whichever CMMS your organization chooses to utilize, a PM optimization team (or your designated optimization employee) can develop the project methodology around it. In addition to entering the optimized PM program in to the software, employees has to be trained to make use of the CMMS in a fashion that maintains the program’s benefits. For example, Predictive Service offers e-learning training services, including assist with topics for example managing backlogs, scheduling recommendations and work execution.

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We followed the same approach as done previously: remove non-English apps, omit consumer apps and junk (e.g. ‘iWeeducation’ and ‘Beauty Tips’), then sort by popularity. We simplified a directory of 44 apps and sorted them them into 24 categories according to medical specialty and application type. We also identified the ones that were created uniquely for the iPad. Overall we have been seeing a greater level of sophistication in the features and functionality of mobile medical apps, but we have been still disappointed that there are not a critical mass of iPhone apps that access the key electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Its not an easy choice, but its one you should make now. Its time for you to sit down and crunch the numbers’the longer you delay, the harder money youll lose with each project while you overpay for just one option or the other not understanding whether youve made the correct choice. Take these easy steps that may help you arrive at your choice:

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According to Gartner, CEOs across all industries are pressing for more growth and improved costs. In a Gartner CEO survey, 54% of respondents identify growth since the top priority, while 49% cite operational efficiencies. The report also states that many supply chains have embraced segmentation in lieu of selecting one process to satisfy all competing needs. (Content available to Gartner clients.)

Bug tracking is an easy yet effective process that can be useful for identifying difficulty with products and resolving them quickly. Designed like help-desk software, the tool allows customers/employees to raise a ticket and send it straight to the responsible team, who then logs it a bug within the system and assigns an individual or team to correct it.